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What is an "ecosystem"?
An ecosystem is formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment. The ecosystem has multiple, interdependent components that function as a unit.
What is an "insight ecosystem"?
n. An environment of complex data processed within an analytical system that derives underlying, interdependent relationships and clearly communicates business knowledge that is immediately useful and extremely valuable.
i.e. It turns data into insight and insight into action.
What is "customer insight"?
The capacity to discern the true nature of customer relationships in an intuitive manner.
What is "data quality"?
Data Quality refers to the people, processes, and technology required to validate, standardize, and transform data so that it is useful for business purposes.
Why is data quality important?
Problems with data quality can directly cost companies millions of dollars in lost productivity, privacy violations, and mailing expenses. These problems also represent a serious roadblock toward achieving a company’s strategic goals of decreasing attrition, increasing profitability, and growing its customer base.
What are benefits of Banker's Insight?
Imagine if you could decrease attrition by understanding why customers have left in the past, predict which ones are at risk, and proactively tailor services to keep them from leaving. What if you could increase your average profit per customer by predicting their needs as they change over time and having that information constantly available, up-to-date, and in front of those who deal with them directly? What if you could better communicate your strategy and key measures of performance and profitability to everyone in your organization all the time?
How does Insight Ecosystems differ from other companies?
No capital expenditures are required up front. We will work with you to estimate your ROI and set pricing based on financial results. There will be zero impact on your existing systems.
How long will it take to recover my investment?
The ROI (return on investment) period is typically 6 to 12 months.
How is Banker's Insight different from other solutions?
Banker's Insight is neither a marketing ploy nor a "do it yourself" software gimmick. We provide the expertise and services to integrate your data and turn it into insight. On top of that foundation, Banker's Insight provides you with a world-class business intelligence tool with extensive capabilities: dashboard, scorecard, data exploration, searching, 360° customer profile, and more.
Do I need to understand data analytics to use Banker's Insight?
No. Insight Ecosystems does the dirty work of turning your data into insight and provides easy to use tools that allow you to leverage your banking expertise. We become your information analystsyour center of excellence for business intelligence. On an ongoing basis our experts will monitor your key metrics so that we can alert you to changes and trends.
What technical staff will I need?
Insight Ecosystems can provide all of the required technical and operational support for Banker's Insight leaving you free to concentrate on the business of banking.
What equipment will I need?
Insight Ecosystems provides all of the required hardware and systems software required for Banker's Insight. Our application management expertise ensures lower cost and higher levels of availability and security without the need to hire or train expensive technical staff.
What kind of training is involved in implementing Banker's Insight?
Insight Ecosystems provides on-site training and consulting for every customer.
How do you implement?
Our industry experts begin by identifying the information consumers within your organization. In interviews with representatives from different areas we assess current capabilities and determine common and unique information needs. With this comprehensive understanding we apply our "Data into Insight" process to load your customer, core processing, and general ledger data into Banker's Insight. Depending on your needs, we may also load additional data not linked to the customer system and add demographic data. Our analysts then apply a multitude of in-depth analysis techniques using our solution's data visualization and exploration capabilities.
How can I be sure my data is safe?
From day one our solutions have been carefully architected with security-related issues as paramount concerns. We use best practices and advanced encryption technologies to protect your data. Our environment has passed rigorous security audits performed by a leading network security auditor.
How do I find out more information?
Contact us today!