Insight Engagement is our proven process to grow your bank. Built around the philosophy of relationship-building, it provides constant, consistent, relevant, and personalized communication with your customers. Creating this dialog with your customers allows us to identify and meet their banking needs and also fully engage them in the relationship.

We divide our process into four stages:

Let’s dive into each of the four stages:


  • Multi-channel – Utilize the best channel for each stage of the process (print, email, survey, phone)
  • Automation – Automatically distribute pre-defined customer touch points to front-line staff
  • Measurability – Measure effectiveness of campaigns and profitability
  • Accountability – Hold employees accountable for each customer touch point
  • Look-alike Modeling – Clone your bank’s best customers and acquire more profitable, long-term relationships.
  • Propensity Modeling – Predict the best products and services for your customers

Touch Points

  • Welcome Letters and Emails
  • Follow-Up Calls
  • Relationship Surveys
  • Needs Assessments
  • Cross-sell Offers
  • Closed Customer Tracking
  • Win Back Campaigns
“As one of the most efficient banks in the country, we count on technology to analyze data and provide us with efficient reporting and sales tools. Insight Ecosystems works exceedingly well for us.”
Susan Blair, EVP, Bank of the Ozarks - Recognized as the top performing bank in the United States, based on financial performance, five years in a row

Onboarding Case Study


Our client was suffering from high attrition rates on new deposit accounts. They needed to do a better job engaging their new customers to deepen the relationship and increase satisfaction.


Insight designed and implemented a 6 stage on-boarding program in less than 2 months. It was driven by branch bankers to build better relationships with complete tracking of on-boarding actions to enforce accountability.


Average attrition rates on new accounts dropped by 23%.

Decreased Attrition Rate

Cross-Sell Case Study


Our client needed to increase low-cost deposits to fund additional loans.


  1. We used predictive analytics to determine what retail customers would respond to a savings account offer.
  2. We created and executed a campaign that generated sales opportunities for these customers.
  3. The sales opportunities were automatically distributed and assigned to branch managers in our Sales Management system.


$9.9 million in new deposit balances were generated with a response rate of 12.2%.

New Deposit Balances
Response Rate
New Savings Accounts

Win Back Case Study


Our client was focused on customer service, yet many accounts were being closed with no understanding of the reason.


We implemented a automated campaign, executed daily, to generate alerts and enforce bankers to record the reason that the customer closed the account.


Detailed tracking of attrition data was achieved, including lost counts per competing institution, and 1,600 accounts were retained with a 1.45% win back rate.

Accounts Retained

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