There is an old saying: “what gets measured gets done”, but most measurement programs are hindered by the lack of accurate, timely data.

Insight Performance Management gives you quick and easy access to the key metrics that drive your financial institution and is updated daily.

Calculate Profitability

In order to improve profitability, you must be able to measure and understand it. Insight Performance Management calculates profitability at a very detailed level using Funds Transfer Pricing and allows you to analyze it in many ways. Whether looking at profitability by organization, product, customer, household, or account, this insight into how you make money can drive many decisions and processes.


  • Funds Transfer Pricing
  • Cost Allocation
  • Detailed Reporting and Analysis


  • Understand the profitability of accounts, customers, households, and products
  • Sophisticated yet easy to understand
  • Drive decisions based on your insight into profitability

Measure Performance

To be competitive you must understand your business at a deeper level than ever before. Insight Performance Management gives you the visibility into daily operations that is required to implement effective strategies and makes your progress towards goals measurable.


  • Key Performance Indicators – Key measurements that help you define and measure progress toward your business goals
  • Scorecard – Collections of KPIs that are appropriate for specific job roles and functions
  • Dashboards – Guided analysis organized by import areas
  • Performance Reports – Detailed analysis that compares performance against goals and different parts of the organization and over time.


  • Quick visibility into daily operations and future performance
  • Communicate strategy and measure progress
  • Spend less time gathering data and manually creating spreadsheets and more time being a banker
  • Discover hidden patterns and trends
  • Completely automated
  • Access to daily data

Motivate Employees

Scorecards are an important motivational tool to help your employees reach their goals and improve their performance. They also allow you to measure the impact of your staff’s actions on key objectives. Insight Performance Management shows you if a metric is going up or down — indicating if the actions being taken are having a positive or negative impact on each metric.

In essence, scorecards help you set expectations and hold staff accountable for their actions and results. Measurement and goal setting are the keys to success in motivating your employees.


  • Goal Setting – Set monthly goals for KPIs
  • Daily Tracking of Progress to Goals – Daily view of KPIs and KPI performance for all areas of the organization


  • Keep employees focused on your strategy
  • Measure performance against goals
  • Hold employees accountable for reaching business goals

Get Analytics

Measuring performance and motivating employees are essential parts of any business strategy, but you need to be able to drill-down further to truly understand the source of performance issues. Typically this would require sophisticated analytical software and people that know how to use it.

Guided Analytics within Insight Performance Management are organized by business area and bring ease of use to complicated topics. We call each of these a narrative as they guide you, step-by-step, through the insight.


  • Guided analytics for quick understanding of performance issues
  • Step-by-step narratives bring ease of use to complicated topics
  • Leverage mass quantities of data without the need for data experts


  • Customers
  • Households
  • Deposits
  • Checking
  • Loans
  • Profitability

Pricing starts at only $1500 per month.
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