Insight Sales is thoughtfully designed for the unique needs of banks and credit unions. Since it is fully integrated with our other solutions it reduces your work because your data will be fully integrated as well. Your customers, accounts, prospects, etc. will already be in the system. Plus, you can leverage our data analytics to drive new sales opportunities.

Our competitors make big promises but deliver cumbersome, complicated, non-integrated systems. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team with a product designed for banking, Insight Sales.


Insight Search provides a single-field, internet-type search across customer and company names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, reports, and more. It is as powerful as it is simple to use.

Don’t know the exact spelling of a customer’s name or address? Simply provide your best guess and Insight Search will return exact matches first followed by customers with similar sounding names and addresses.

360° Profiles

Instantly know who your customer or prospect is with customer-level, account-level, prospect-level, and household-level profiles highlighting total value, relationships, demographics, and more. 360° Profiles go far beyond traditional customer information systems by highlighting previously hidden relationships, adding supplemental information like demographics, and empowering decision making with scores for attrition risk and potential profitability.

Contact Management

Insight Sales improves communications between customers, branches, and business developers. Complete contact information along with contact history is shared across the enterprise to improve accountability and visibility of customer communications.

Spend less time managing your Outlook contacts and more time communicating with customers.


Import prospect lists from internal or external sources and automatically create new sales opportunities. You can also manually enter prospects as well as create new opportunities at the customer, prospect, or household level. Prospects are shared to prevent duplicate records and to prevent others from calling on a prospect being worked by someone else.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management is a key factor in driving and managing your sales process. Insight Sales allows you to gain full control and visibility over your business development efforts to increase sales.

Stop using manual, out-of-date spreadsheets and get an enterprise-wide view of your pipeline and full insight into business development. Insight Sales gives business developers the tools they need to efficiently sell while giving managers the ability to see the big picture.

Employee Referrals

Leverage your branch network by capturing high quality sales leads and referring them to the right sales team.

Increase profitability by helping employees communicate and manage referrals by automating the referral process.


  • Manage incentives
  • Measure and track the referral process
  • Automatically convert referrals into sales opportunities
  • Allow referring employees the ability to track the progress of their referrals

Service Requests

Spend less time faxing and emailing by automating communication with your back office through electronic forms customized to your needs. They’re trackable, so you can ensure that tasks are completed.


Record and share notes on customers, prospects, households, alerts, opportunities, and more. Notes roll-up to the profile level, so notes added at the opportunity level, for example, will also be seen on the customer or prospect profile.


Monitor and assign/reassign opportunities and work items across your organization. Filter by type, campaign, sales stage, status, priority, assignment, and more. Hold users accountable by understanding what is and what is not getting done. Track access to employee profiles.

Benefits of Insight Sales

  • Increase the value and depth of existing customer relationships
  • Improve customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Improve communication between branches and business developers
  • Improve accountability and visibility of customer communication
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team
“We have consistently exceeded deposit, loan and profitability goals since implementation of the system. Thank you for a partnership that is contributing greatly to our success.”
Tami Armstrong, VP & Marketing Director, National Bank and Trust Company

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