Success in banking today depends on building and maintaining long-term, profitable relationships with customers. Financial services companies must truly understand what their customers want and don’t want and address their needs as they change over time.

As direct as these goals seem, a vast number of Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) initiatives have been attempted over the past twenty years. Most of these initiatives have not delivered any measureable business value to the bank or to their customers. The reason is that traditional CRM offerings focus on being either analytical or front-office applications, but not both.

Analytical CRM applications, designed to work with customer information, usually stop short of turning that information into useful knowledge; in other words, these applications tell analysts where problems are, but do not provide what is needed to act upon that knowledge. Front-office CRM applications, which service customer accounts and provide primary customer touch points, typically fail to provide immediate access to critical customer insight. The result is a CRM marketplace consisting of analytical applications that provide insight without action, and front-office applications that provide action without insight.

Over the last 32 years I have spoken with many innovators in the financial services industry about the need to bridge the gap between insight and action by implementing a “customer ecosystem” that turns data into insight and insight into action to achieve profitable and productive relationships with their customers.

Many vendors focus on small parts of this ecosystem and in turn deliver partial solutions to business problems. Products that address specific areas, such as direct marketing, business intelligence, dashboards, scorecards, or data warehouses, leave the job of assembling the technologies to banks that may not have the skills and time to turn the parts into a full business solution.

Insight Ecosystems is the culmination of decades of thought and delivers business solutions in a different model. Our solutions have been architected from the ground-up to meet these challenges as a cohesive whole, an “insight ecosystem”. We provide all of the people, processes, and technology needed to deliver real return on investment. Our approach lets bankers be bankers instead of analysts or technology specialists.

Thank you for your interest in Insight Ecosystems and for visiting our website. I hope you find it informative. Please contact us to discover what we can do to help you address your business challenges. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and to contribute to your success.


Keith Henkel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer